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next handy man is going to be. >> stick around for the "after the show" show and we'll talk about more handy man tips and want to thank hsb bavaria or dancing. >> eric: this is a "fox news alert." the middle east peace talks launched at the white house less than a month ago right now at a critical moment. a crucial deadline is eight hours away and the count down has begun, live pictures of the west bank where there is a freeze on building israeli housing, that freeze is set to run out at midnight. and, as the clock ticks down the bulldozers and heavy equipment are ready to rev up into action and start their building again. and, what if that happens? could the peace talks collapse? will the palestinians walk? palestinian leader mahmoud abbas
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and netanyahu trying to keep the peace talks from collapsing. will there be a deal? good morning, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, good have you here, welcome to neighboring's music headquart--s news headquarters. the talks are considered to be successful, at 50/50. tell us what is happening right now. >> reporter: of course the ten-month settlement freeze ends in about eight hours that's sun goes down here on the west bank, construction, though, on a preschool/kindergarten has begun on the settlement here, way, way deep into the west bank, this is the area the palestinians want for their own state and, an enormous amount of international effort has gone into try and prevent just this concrete from coming down, clearly, that has not worked. let me tell you what is at stake here and why the hole could mean the end of the peace talks as we
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know them. the prime minister of israel issued a 10-month freeze on construction, to try to get the palestinians to come to the negotiating table. palestinians came to the table, about a month ago, as you remember in washington and they said, if the freeze is not extended, they are walking away and the prime minister, so far, has said he is not going to extend the freeze, and, the settlers, which represent the hardest line of the right wing of the israeli government, have begun building and they say this is their destiny, ten months had been a waste and they will continue, though, this is just the beginning, they say, in about an hour, they'll release 2000 balloons and -- in another settlement and that represents the 2000 more homes that they will begin construction on in the west bank in the coming weeks. where are we now? of course, the palestinians have said they will walk if it happens and the prime minister of israel says he cannot extend the... (inaudible)... to do so and the united states has been trying to negotiate a settlement over the past 48 hours, as negotiations have intensified, and, they are trying to reach
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some kind of compromise, and, both leaders, however, have taken a hard line on this, to pacify members of their own government. so, the question is, what kind of compromise would be possible, and, right now, there is a thought of trying to extend this freeze for a couple of months, maybe only build an area, conceivably we'll become part of israel if there is ever a final status agreement for peace and still, things are very, very dicey here, juliett, and, this hole could really mean the beginning of the end of these talks. >> all right, i'll take it. thank you so much, leland pence, no doubt about it and we will watch this hour, eric. >> eric: we saw the shovel digging the hole, the cement truck pouring the concrete. what if the kindergarten construction continues and the housing freeze is done? and what can the u.s. do about it to keep the talks alive and prevent a break down? joining us as he does always on sundays, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john
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bolted to bolton, also a fox news contributor, the deadline less than eight hours away. what will happen? >> well i think people have been speculating that there would be some kind of compromise on the israeli side, maybe a partial extension of the moratorium, allowing some things to go ahead and still withholding others and, that that would be enough for the palestinians to stay in the talks. hard to say, at this point, what that would be, and indication, as of right now, is that the entire settlement freeze will expire and the burden then would be on mahmoud abbas who has just, within the past few hours, given some indication that maybe he's not as firm on pulling out of the talks as we had thought up until then, and let's be clear, whether or not there is a compromise work out on the housing moratorium, these peace talks are on life support, and, maybe they can limp past the deadline on the moratorium today, and, maybe they can even limp past the american elections in november. but, it is hard to see how they
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can make substantive progress. >> do you see these recurring, when they constantly have a deadline and a delay temporarily and go on and on and on and on... >> the dispute over the settlements moratorium is one piece of evidence among many about how broad the gap is between the government of israel and this palestinians. just how many issues they are so far apart on and don't have a path to resolution. so, while this may look like something that ought to be compromisable, there ought to be some way to work this out, really, what the dispute over the settlement construction moratorium reflects are the far broader disagreements across a wide range of issues. >> and can those broader disagreements be a broach? hamas is not even a part of the equation in the peace talks. >> that remains an absolutely critical point. even if mahmoud abbas could find ways to make the concessions and
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the hard decisions that any palestinian leader would have to make to reach peace with israel, and, even if he could fulfill those commitments in the the areas, his palestinian authority controls, he doesn't speak for hamas and hamas is the principal source of palestinian terrorism, against israel and this is not a question of settlement construction or where you draw the lines on the map, this goes from israel's point of view to the fundamental question, whether or not it will have security once it signs the peace agreement and hamas is the principal threat to that. >> eric: speaking of israeli security i sought down with mahmoud ahmadinejad on friday, and i asked him about that. about his -- >> i good time was had by all! >> eric: you could put it that way. i mean, it was feisty. accused me of being representative, and asked, israel is a threat to wipe it off the map and he said he does not fear from israel, the iranians feel safe and i asked about this disputed nuclear program and here's some of what
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he said: >> i have said on numerous occasions that we do not want an atomic bomb. >> why should we believe you? you are violating four u.n. resolutions, you have kicked out u.n. inspectors, why should the world believe anything that you say on this subject. >> we do not insist that you believe us. >> he says that, how can he reassure the world to actually believe it. >> i wouldn't apply for an iranian visa any time soon if i were you, but, you know, it is god to have mahmoud ahmadinejad confronted that way, unlike with reporters from some other networks i will not mention that showed him more deference than they probably show our own president. the fact is that mahmoud ahmadinejad demonstrated in new york why it is simply not possible to have any trust whatever. that any agreement he might sign on the iranian nuclear program would be honored and, why iran
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continues to make progress, toward that long-sought goal of nuclear weapons. and why diploma markets i thicy chance of stopping is that a. >> you said zero chance of stopping that. you have no faith then in the u.n. resolutions? >> no, i don't think diplomacy or sanctions can dissuade iran off the path, the regime lacks support internally, not that our administration is doing anything to help increase that but with the revolutionary guards increasingly in control in iran and the nuclear weapons program being one of their top priorities, iran continues to move ahead as a threat not just to israel, although it. >> chris: but, to friendly arab states in the region and, really, peace and security around the world. >> eric: u.s. ambassador john bolton thank you and thanks for your kind words about the interview and of course we'll see you next sunday. >> take care. >> eric: you can catch more of the interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad later this morning
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in the next hour, we will air more of that interview, it was provocative, at times at thiste defends the controversial comments on 9/11 and talks about the nuclear issue and israel. >> jamie: and a "fox news alert," right now, you are looking live in georgia, at the newburgh missionary baptist church where the pastor there, eddie long, is talking to the congregation doing what he does on sundays and is also speaking because he's at the center of a growing sex scandal, speaking to reporters and the congregation, and saying and i'm quoting, off of what he said so far, i'm not a perfect man but, this thing i am going to fight. he denies that he has more -- the young men, the sexual relationship he had with four young men, giving them expensive gifts and travels, is the allegation and he said he is staying on and will not resign
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and will be there next week to give his sermon and says it is the most difficult time of his life and there are 25,000 people who belong to the mega church. the first time he has addressed the church since the allegations surfaced. keep it here as we monitor what he says and we'll have a live report for you, coming up. >> it was all an unruly passenger who forced pilots to turn a delta plane around just after take-off. the plane taking off from sea-tac airport in seattle, heading to amsterdam and no one was injured but delta canceled the flight and those on board will head onto amsterdam today on another flight. >> a fox extreme weather alert. severe flooding now forcing thousands of people from their homes in southern minnesota. floodwaters flowing through several towns and local rivers crested way above normal.
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the flooding left cars and even some homes under water. more flooding expected, later on this week. >> it will be a long term project, we need a lot of help from a lot of friends to redo it. >> we're out of our house and we cannot live here and the power is off, you know... they say it could be weeks before we can even get back in. >> eric: forecasters say it has been a recent rash of thunderstorms that are blamed for the floods. town leaders say it could be weeks before people are able to go back to their homes, to see what is left. >> it was a tough week on capitol hill, it seems like you say that almost every week. but, this time, was immigration reform. first democrats in the senate failed to get enough votes to pass the dream act. and, then, who would have thought it... comedy central's steven colbert brought his act to a house committee on
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legalizing migrant farm workers and the spotlight was focus on his jokes, not the actual legislation. is there any hope of any kind of immigration reform getting past this year with a priority for the administration and voters are watching. let's ask david drucker a staff writer for "roll call." >> good morning. >> jamie: it was an issue border states and other states took note of and wanted laws passed, they wanted immigration reform, and are they going to get amnesty? and, will anything happen before the midterms? >> no. and i don't want to be glib about this. but, had it been a true legislative priority for any, this measure would have been brought up much, much sooner than it had been, in terms of it would have been much -- wouldn't be so close to the election. and, i know it has been brought up before, this isn't the exact first time the legislation has ever surfaced but you don't bring something up six weeks before a major election with a
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bloodbath looming and think you will get it passed. >> jamie: actually if i recall the dream act came up initially as parts of another measure that didn't pass and they can bring it up again, on just a couple of days' notice. do you recommend that at least before the midterms, the way congress is now, should they do that? >> well, i don't know if they should or shouldn't. i can tell you congress is going to be in session, one more week, and this coming week, before they adjourn until after the elections, and in the lame duck session, it es you be clear if anything significant is going to get done, even an extension of the tax cuts, is not going to happen this coming week. because it is too politically volatile and everybody decided to punt the issue. until after the elections and probably into next year in my view and so, they are not -- just simply not going to do it, immigration is such a politically contentious issue, that is so complicated. from a policy perspective, that in order to do this, you bring it up, at the beginning of a
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legislative session, right after an election. so, if people are serious about the dream act, they should bring it up next january or february and they have two years to work on it, before the next election and that will give them a fighting chance. >> jamie: if you are in one of those states you don't care when it comes up, you want some legislation and more border security, and president obama as been invited to come to the border. what steps then would you recommend the administration and congress take, because, one poll caught our eye, the "gallup poll" that said congress, the approval rating is 36%. 39%, actually, i'm remembering now and that is pretty low. so -- if these people want to keep their seats, immigration is one issue that will not go away and can they accomplish anything before voters go to the polls. >> you are correct. nobody likes congress, right now, very few people like the administration, and, more people are concerned about the economy, and jobs, than they are about immigration. and, so, if you were really going prioritize issues, i think
10:15 am
anything relating to job creation, getting the economy back on track, would probably poll higher. and, second of all, although people want this issue addressed, i think that congress really going back to the bush era, the last administration, has been going about this a little wrong and they keep trying to do something that is comprehensive and large. and what i would do, you know, not that anybody pays me for this, i'm not the expert, i would attack this a little at a time with small measures, trying build confidence, and do things that have a lot of support on both sides of the aisle. but, i still would stress to you, that you don't try and do something like the dream act, which may have bipartisan support, six weeks before a major election, when political tempers are flaring and everybody is either scared on one side, or smelling blood on the other side, and, i believe the way this happened, last week, they tried to attach it to the defense authorization bill and you don't do that, you let it run on its own merits and
10:16 am
don't politicize it by putting it weather a measure, daring within side to oppose it, because if republicans oppose it democrats can say they are opposing defense spending or troops in the field, i mean, you let it expand on its own two feet and it doesn't matter what people want, there is a certain way that you get things done on capitol hill and a certain way that you set things up to fail. and, in doing it now, was setting it up to fail -- >> jamie: that is exactly what happened, david, great in sight how it could be presented and the politics involved and i'm glad you brought up that it has bipartisan support. thanks, great to see you. >> good to see you, jamie. >> eric: trapped miners in chile, help is on the way. a specially built device that will finally pull them to safety. what it is and how it works. when will they get out, coming up. plus... flu shots may be more than protect -- do more than protect us against the flu. did you know they can help prevent a deadly disease? dr. isadore rosenfeld has details, flu shots and us,
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>> eric: 33 trapped miners in chile, the first of three rescue capsules, built to pull them to safety is onsite and it will be used after crews are done drilling rescue holes at the mine. the first rescue attempt should
10:21 am
happen by sometime in early november. the cap soup is a ten foot steel mesh township. it contains air for the miners to breathe, during their journey back up to the surface. relatives of the miners even got to try out the new device themselves and those miners, as you may know have been trapped underground since early august. >> jamie: the bush tax cuts and the house republicans pledged to america, it is all part of a fair and balanced discussion on fox news sunday today, take a listen: >> with all intending, all of the debt, all the government takeovers and control, what this document says, is that we reject that, we want to -- a smaller, less costly and more accountable government, we are pursuing a program which is getting our country back to work. creating manufacturing jobs. where we lost manufacturing jobs on the bush -- under the bush administration and has a plan to get the budget under control.
10:22 am
>> jamie: joining me now the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. it seemed to be getting fiery. >> chris: i don't know if i would say fiery. but one of the issues and the issue with which we made the most news and worth watching is on the bush tax cuts an steny hoyer, the house majority leader made it clear they will not vote on extending any of the bush tax cuts, before they go home, for a month long recess to campaign, and then of course the election, and that will be left to a lame duck session, he says, well, we are committed and everybody should know in the lame duck session we will extend the middle class tax cuts, but, you have -- you have john boehner saying he thought it was utterly irresponsible and only adds to the lack of certainties, lack of confidence about the economy and the fact is that americans don't know for sure what is going to happen to their taxes on income,
10:23 am
on dividends, on capital gains, inheritance, just three months from now at the beginning of next year, because that is the point at which all of the bush era tax cuts lapse. >> jamie: so much for planning that's fourth quarter of the year is upon us. what other issues do you think voters, who are considering what they are going to do, just weeks away, will learn from seeing the two of them debate. >> chris: they have very different views, obviously to a large degree, democrats are stuck with their record. they make the best case they can about things would have been worse with the mess we inherited but the fact is, you know, things aren't good. 3 million people have lost their jobs since barack obama took the oath of office. they have added trillions of dollars to the deficit. gdp growth is only 1.6%. the republicans have come up with their agenda and now it is the light on specifics and they talk about $100 billion in spending cuts and i don't detail any of them and they talk about
10:24 am
doing something about entitlements where the real money is but don't have any proposals there and they don't say that they will ban earmarks. so, you know, there's a reason that most americans don't like either party, but, at this point, i think they don't like the democrats more because of the fact that they are in charge and don't like the way things are. >> jamie: we'll let you report and everyone can decide. good to see you, chris. have a good show. >> chris: you bet, thank you. >> jamie: catch fox news sunday on the fox news channel, check your local listings. >> eric: older people take a fall, and what you needed to know, dr. rosenfeld coming up next, on "sunday house call" will fill us in and coming up our feisty interview with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad as he defends some of his controversial comments. >> you have insulted millions mines of americans by claiming that the u.s. government had a hand in 9/11. quite frankly, sir, how could
10:25 am
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>> eric: time now for "sunday house call," with us always on sundays at this time, is "sunday house call" host, dr. isadore rosenfeld who is the rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center. good morning, doctor. >> jamie: good morning, doctor. >> good morning. eric i think want to tell you that i watched your interviews with mahmoud ahmadinejad. i think they are fantastic. i can't wait to see them all. >> eric: thank you. >> i want to congratulate you. >> eric: thank you -- >> i was so impressed, he later told the press that you were from the government. >> eric: yes, i know. >> and he said it is too bad our government has to appoint people to interview him. >> eric: accused me of being a part of the -- >> couldn't have been more wrong. >> and the u.n. general assembly
10:30 am
and i said i am an objective reporter and we'll get to that in a minute and a half-hour we'll have portions of the interview with the iranian president. but let's talk about something close to home, flu shotses. turns out that flu shots, will not hopefully prevent the flu but also, something else. >> i don't think the program would be complete without talking about flu shots. we have talked about them for pregnant women, for kids, what they consist of, well, here's a new angle. it turns out, when they analyzed the outcome of flu shots, in people over the age of 40, men over the age of 40 who have received a flu shot, especially early in the season, have a significantly lower incidence of heart attacks, later on. now, what has that got to do with flu shots, well, the theory is, that the flu bug in flames the arteries with in the heart.
10:31 am
and, if you already have some narrowing, the flu bug can cause the narrowing to increase, and occlude it and cause the heart attack. so, they have recorded a 20% decrease in myocardial infarcti infarctions, in men over 40 who received the flu shot. that is another reason to take it and i took mine and jamie, i took yours and absolutely no, feeling at all. i think it is the first time, how they are making it now, it is absolutely painless. >> eric: you say early in the season... >> now. get it now. september. we used to wait until october, november. now. >> jamie: it includes the h1n1. the word i got, it would have that in there, too, great, one shot, get it done. one of the more common injuries with older adults is falling and you may be concerned about this,
10:32 am
someone you love. this past week marks fall prevention anxious awareness, one in three people over the age of 60 takes a fall, and what can you do to prevent it? >> the main thing. >> chris: older people who live alone, especially, make sure that your home is... no loose carpets, lying around and that you have banisters and support things, but, the new item that came out, i found interesting, if somebody over the age of 60, has two drinks a day, two drinks, of vodka and orange juice or what have you, not enough to raise your alcohol level so that you cannot drive, you can drive with it, but, they find that taking two drinks causes an increased risk of falling when you walk.
10:33 am
apparently the alcohol interferes with the stability of the legs. so, here's the point. if you are going out for a walk, you figure you'll have a drink or two, you are not arriving, it is perfectly all right. don't do it. don't walk after drinking if you are 60 years of age or over. you increase your risk of falling, and hurting yourself. >> eric: very important, thanks, doctor. speaking of getting to a certain age, you know, when men are a certain age they should be screened for prostate cancer, they say, but how do you know, when the time is right and what is the most reliable method of screening? doctor, we talked about the psas, what should men do and at what age. >> you know, eric, i don't think we'll ever get any agreement on this. there are doctors -- the psa is a measurement that reflects the presence of a prostate cancer. the level can also go up when you have an infection of the prostate, not a cancer.
10:34 am
now, most doctors including me believe that men over the age of 50 should be routinely screened for a psa level. if it is four or higher, it should be followed up and a biopsy taken, if necessary, to make sure there is no cancer there. doctors who are opposed to this, say it is very costly, and most of these elevations of the psa are benign, even though some are not. and, even if the biopsy is positive, not all prostate cancers go on to kill you. there is all kinds of arguments and i must say, that there is validity both sides and i happen to believe in the importance of routine testing for everybody. but, there is a new observation that you may want to consider. everybody agrees that if your
10:35 am
prostate level is two or less, at the age of 60, you don't need any more prostate tests. because it has been shown that levels of two or lower never go anywhere. so, if you -- what i suggest is get this test, if it is two or lore, forget about it forever. if it is higher, then you have to have it monitored, as usual. >> jamie: that is great information. thank you so much. are you trying to quit smoking it's not an easy habit to kick. what about chewing tobacco? is that a better way to ease yourself off of cigarettes? i'm going to guess the answer to this one and i bet i will be wrong, because dr. rosenfeld will bust a myth. stay with us. hey.
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>> eric: back now to "sunday house call" with doctor, isadore rosenfeld, time for myth or fact. chewing tobacco is safer than cigarettes. safer alternative. true or false, dr. rosenfeld? >> what do you think? >> eric: i think that i've read studies that chewing tobacco is not good for you. >> what do you think. >> jamie: i got it wrong, i thought it can't be better or a good way to quit and -- can be better and a good way to quit and you tell me i'm wrong. >> there are 1 billion people who use snuff or chewing tobacco instead of cigarettes. they are convinced that this is safe and effective, there are many people who chew tobacco and -- because they think that will help them stop smoking. the fact is, that snuff and chewing tobacco are virtually as dangerous as smoking. they are associated with the same nicotine addiction, they are associated with all kinds of
10:41 am
cancers, especially oral cancers, and if you wants to quit smoking, using snuff or chewing tobacco, is not the way to do it. it is as bad as smoking. the way to do it, is to use chantix, see your doctor, use the nicotine patches, which sometimes work, with doctors support, and, motivation, and you can stop, but, snuff and chewing tobacco is not the way to do it. >> jamie: i got it right! ding, one for colby! thanks, doc. do you like to read at night in bed, disturb the person you are with and turn the lights on, if it bothers your mate you will enjoy this. the doctor has a much brighter idea. all right, doc. let's see what you use at night. >> all right, here's -- here are my glasses. you get these over-the-counter,
10:42 am
they come in 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3. and you put them on and you read. so, these are reading glasses, right? now, you are lying in bed at need and your wife is on the other side of the bed, she's turned the lights out and wants to go to sleep, you want to read. you feel guilty about putting the light on. hey, look... you see that? these lights are fantastic. these glasses are fantastic, put them on and they light up the book, you don't need any other lights. and, now i was surprised -- i just learned about this last week, i saw somebody wearing them, and i couldn't believe that i didn't know about it and i spoke to my eye doctor, and she didn't know about them. i went to one of the big eye stores, and they didn't --
10:43 am
eyeglass stores and they didn't know about them and i went on the internet and found several companies that sell lighted glasses and i found the one panther vision, that had my correction. i asked them to mail to it me, i think they are less than $25, and they really changed my readings life. and, now, i'm surprised that you can only get it on the internet and i said to them, why don't you sell them in stores, and they said we will begin to do so, i think, barnes & noble already has them, and the reason i picked panther vision was because they were the only ones who had my number correction. >> jamie: you know what, doc -- >> absolutely perfect. >> jamie: doc, a good thing to raise with that, then, is, don't read in dim light. isn't it healthier for your eyes to -- >> that is wrong. we have done that before and you weren't listening. i told you that reading in dim light is not dangerous, as long as you can see in dim light, that is perfectly all right.
10:44 am
>> jamie: okay. >> but if you can't see you need glasses and you need light. these are, i think, fantastic. look. look. headlights! now... [laughter]. >> the one thing i want to point out to you, caution you about these, they work on batteries. and these are small batteries, these batteries last 30 to 50 hours, now, when you buy the batteries you can get them at a cvs store anywhere, they are called button batteries and you have to be careful about these button batteries, because, if a kid gets ahold of them, and swallows them, it can do irreparable damage to the esophagus. so when changing batteries get rid of them and make sure that they -- children don't have access. these batteries are also present in some toys, and in other items
10:45 am
that you... the button batteries are very dangerous. but, i was very excited about sharing my eyeglass news with you. because, quite frankly, it changed my reading life. >> eric: you can stay up and read all you want. >> and what i have done, too, i've gotten a pair for my wife. >> jamie: i was going to tay, frankly they are chick magnets! i'm sure camilla went crazy when she saw you in those! >> panther vision, if you go on the internet, panther vision has them and you can try barnes and noble. >> jamie: thanks, doc, very much. >> eric: from the eyes to muscles, do you get muscle aches? how do you get rid of them, we'll tell you about that coming up and more of our exclusive interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> you swear to allah that you are not planning to build a nuclear bomb? [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles
10:46 am
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♪ >> jamie: welcome back to "sunday house call," so many people suffer from chronic pain and muscle aches can be so difficult to treat. are you trying to find an alternative way? the doctor, you know, he has a couple of ideas that might just
10:50 am
do the trick. what are you suggesting today? >> jamie, last week i said that there had been a report that glucosamine and chondroitin, when used for knee and hip arthritis, apparently did nothing for it. and, that the joint spaces were not less inflamed, and, well, i got scores of letters from people saying to me, telling me, that they do respond to glucosamine and chondroitin and the study is wrong, i said if you are taking it and are responding to it, i have many patients who do take it and are better, you should continue to take it because it is absolutely safe. all the study showed was that it didn't affect the joints. now i want to tell you about two other substances, that may help you if you have chronic muscle
10:51 am
pain. the first is ginger. if you take -- you can get it at the supplements at the health food store, anywhere up to 500 milligrams a day. of ginger. it will definitely relieve muscle aches and pains and the other product is tumeric which, you know, is found in foods, found in curry, and they think that it is the reason so few indians have alzheimer's, it is a great thing. if you have chronic aches and pains, get tumeric at the health food store, 400 milligrams, three times a day. has been shown to ease muscle aches and pains. and, it does so safely. >> eric: to our i mails now, you know the doctor gets hundreds of e-mails a week and he can't answer them all but he reads them all, one viewer wrote a shock question for him. i have a friend with vasculitis,
10:52 am
is that a death sentence? what is that. >> it simply refers to an im inflammation of the blood vessels. it can occur in a wide variety of conditions, some of which are transient and others are serious and life-threatening and require treatment. the inflammation of the blood vessels can occur in a wide variety of diseases. which are treated in different ways. vasculitis is often treated with steroid, hormones and responds and the answer to the question is this: vasculitis is a symptom, not a disease and is a symptom of various disorders, some of which are more serious than others. if your friend has vasculitis, she should be seen by a god internist who will determine the cause of it and will treat it. it is not a death sentence.
10:53 am
>> eric: that is reassuring, doctor. >> jamie: doc, thanks. dr. rosenfeld has a tip for you to start your week off in a healthy way. and here's a hint: favorite foods you may want to avoid to keep your stomach in tip top shape. the doctor explains, "sunday house call," continues. right after this quick break. one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do . ♪ for he's a jolly good fellow ♪ the meeting's tomorro in dals ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jamie: before we go, your healthy monday tip. dr. rosenfeld gives us every sunday a quick tip to help us try to start the week off right. doc, what is it today? >> today, i want to tell you about ulcerative collitis. it's serious disorder of the lower bowel and causes pain and diarrhea and starts between 15 and 30. and the significant thing is it can lead to cancer in many cases. there are all kind of treatments for it, from steroids to actually surgical excision but the doctor. here is what you can do with the other things that your doctor is doing. avoid all dairy foods, avoid food high in fiber, vegetables and fruit. don't have car bynated drink -- carbonated drinks,
10:58 am
avoid caffeine and don't take alcohol. chances are, if you do this, your disease will be much less serious. >> jamie: love those. >> and will be treated. so in addition to what your doctor can do, you do those, follow that advice of mine. >> jamie: great advice. thank you, doctor. >> eric: i know you'll read a lot with the glasses. you can use them to read e-mails. >> absolutely. >> eric: he reads all the e-mails. send it to dr. rosenfeld does read them all. we bring up as many as we possibly can and will on a future edition of "sunday housecall." for those interested in more information about today's program or previous shows, just log on to and check out all of the doctors great advice that he has here every sunday morning. >> jamie: doc, thank you for the great information. >> it goes without saying i have no economic interest
10:59 am
unfortunately in this product. >> jamie: all right. enjoying them. great to see you. >> eric: don't stay up all night. get some sleep. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good to see you as always. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> jamie: a fox news alert. the mahmoud ahmadinejad interview. the president of iran sitting down with fox news in a feisty and provocative exchange. good morning, everyone. i'm jamie colby. great to have you here. brand new hour of america's news headquarters. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. welcome again. the president and i met on friday morning while he was here in new york for the united nations general assembly. during the interview, he defended those controversial comments about 9/11. his nation's disputed nuclear program. and he denied that iran supports terrorism. he also told me that he is open to nuclear negotiations with the united states, if, he says, america is fair with his country and obeys international law. he also said that he is waiting for a response from a
11:00 am
letter that he wrote to president obama. that letter concerns terrorism in iran. at times the exchange between us was a bit testy and at what point he said i was, "almost arguing" with him. he accused me of representing the united states government and united nations security council. i told him i'm an objective reporter. through it all, the president clearly wants to get his message across on the american people. >> mr. president, thank you very much for talking to fox news. >> i'd like to say hello to your good audience and the good people of america. i wish you all a happy time. i hope you had a great day and i wish joy and success for almighty god.
11:01 am
>> you wished americans well but you insulted millions of americans claiming that the u.s. government had a hand in 9/11. quite frankly, sir, how could you say such an insane and nutty thing? >> translator: would you address your own president the same way? would they ever allow you to? >> in terms of that remark, sir -- in terms of the remarks -- >> translator: you probably didn't read the full -- >> yes, i was there yesterday. what evidence do you have that the u.s. government is responsible for 9/11? you're smiling. >> translator: i announce and suggested three theories. the three theories are present in the mind of the american people. >> do you believe that the government had a hand in 9/11? >> translator: i did not give an opinion of my own.
11:02 am
i actually suggested that a fact-finding group and mission be formed to delve into the truth. do you think the entire world has to accept what the u.s. government tells them? or do you think a fact-finding mission is necessary to tell the world -- >> bin laden has taken credit, al-qaeda officials have taken credit. it seems very clear. >> translator: that's fine, but a fact-finding mission can find who the perpetrators were, where does it exist, who wisconsin it backed by and supported? all these should come to life. right now, we have a blind war going on in afghanistan, pakistan and in iraq. has terrorism been eliminated?
11:03 am
it has not. the policies of the u.s. government in afghanistan and iraq are incorrect. they are wrong policies. why were afghanistan and iraq occupied? because of september 11. >> would you swear to allah that you are not planning to build a nuclear bomb? >> translator: do i have to swear? >> well, you have to say your view. >> translator: you are telling me i have to? you have to determine what i have to say? >> well, do you? >> translator: who says, "have to"? what kind of language? is there a law that tells me that i have to? >> do you want to pursue a nuclear bomb? >> i have said on numerous occasions we do not want an atomic bomb. >> why should we believe you? you are violating four u.n. resolutions. you've kicked out u.n. inspectors. why should the world believe anything you say on this
11:04 am
subject? >> translator: we do not insist that you should believe us. we never said that you should. you are free not to believe us. but why would you insist on imposing your view on us with resolutions? with force? >> because the government and the security council says that your government is not cooperating fully, as you should. >> translator: so does the regime cooperate fully? does the u.s. government have it cooperated with the iaea? >> eric: as you can hear in the interview, he sometimes answered questions with questions. and he did not want to be interrupted, as i repeatedly try to clarify and question some of his assertions. later on, on the program, we'll get more on his views on terrorism and his answer when i asked if he would meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. you can see the full interview that runs almost 14
11:05 am
minutes if you log on to >> jamie: on the campaign trail today, former president bill clinton, barnstorming across the northeast, looking to give hard-pressed democratic candidates a boost ahead of the midterm elections. molly lion in massachusetts where clinton will hend star power to congressman barney frank. no question that former president clinton has it. a lot of pizazz. barney frank is an incumbent. his visit, is it necessary? will it help? >> reporter: you make a good point about a 30-year incumbent. long serving congressman and national figure as well. president clinton's visit shows they are campaigning hard. that's the argument they make when they are criticized by the competitor. it's a young candidate in his 30s, former marine and
11:06 am
businessman that says bill clinton's visit here shows that the barney frank, campaign is a little vulnerable right now. we are talking about massachusetts. this is a place where republican scott brown scored upset victory win over democrat cokely in january. it hasn't changed a once democratic stronghold of massachusetts, a little bit red. we spoke with the professor of communications who said he believes that democrats are not taking anything for granted with the new political landscape. here is toby berkowitz. >> the question is could it happen to a barney frank? there is a possibility. so you bring in bill clinton to reduce odds that you will be the big story and be a long-term congressman beaten by a rookie. >> reporter: taking the charismatic figure bill clinton who is not only campaigning here, but to connecticut and maine as democrats are trying to rally the base to ensure people get out to polls on election day.
11:07 am
jamie? >> jamie: he is not just making one stop. going to connecticut. a critical senate race there. what do you expect? >> well, he's there campaigning for richard blumenthal. campaigning against linda mcmahon, a self-funded candidate. matron of professional wrestling pouring millions in that campaign. a critical race. the balance of the senate at stake heading to the november elections. so democrats are taking no chances. getting the charismatic figures out there. the blumenthal race is hot on the map. he had a visit from president obama days ago. shows a clear connecticut and headed to massachusetts. we wait for him to arrive in a few hours. >> jamie: taking no states for granted. thank you. we'll check back with you. big question leading to the november election what will be done about tax cuts? president obama wants to end the tax cut for wealthiest
11:08 am
americans but many republicans say raising taxes just isn't the answer to fixing the financial problems. julie kirtz joins us live from washington with more on that. >> reporter: leading democrats in congress this morning telling us americans aren't likely to get an answer on that big tax question before they go to the polls in november. house majority leader steny hoyer on "fox news sunday" says he doubts the house will vote to extend the bush tax cuts before going on hiatus for a month. the democrats, he said, stand firm in their desire to give middle income americans, not wealthy, the tax breaks. steny hoyer. >> the president made it clear and i made it clear, the leadership made it clear. we are for making sure middle class americans don't get a tax increase and we'll make sure it happens. >> also this morning, house
11:09 am
minority leader john boehner asked for congress not acting on the tax cut irresponsible. boehner? >> as we leave here and adjourn before the election without tax increases on the american people it would be the most irresponsible thing i've seen since i've been in washington, d.c. i've been here a while. >> reporter: more tax talk this morning. david axelrod on abc saying the white house will figure out a way to get middle class tax cuts extended, despite stiff republican opposition and resistance from any democrats in washington. jamie? >> jamie: julie kirtz live in washington for us. thank you. >> eric: moments ago in georgia, pastor at the center of a sex scandal vowing to fight the allegations. pastor eddie long is accused of luring four young men to allegedly having sex, plying them with lavish gift and luxury vacation.
11:10 am
this morning for the first time since the scandal broke, the head of the megabaptist church facing reporters. we have the latest. at the new birth missiontary church. hi, elizabeth. the pastor this morning addressed the congregation. what did he say? >> he was careful when he spoke to the congress gre gation this morning and said he's not stepping down. he will be here this sunday as this morning. he will be here next sunday. he may not be a perfect man but he said he's not the man portrayed in the media. he said this is difficult on him and his family and the congregation and said he will fight the fight. take a listen. >> i've been accused. i'm under attack. i want you to know as i said
11:11 am
earlier, i am not a perfect man. but this thing i am going to fight. [ applause [ applause ] >> he went on to say justice will be served and he will take this and leave it up to the court system and says justice will be served in the eyes of god. he held a press conference after the 8:00 a.m. service which turned into more of a media statement. he spoke for 30 seconds and didn't take any questions from the media. >> we saw when he gave the statement, a standing ovation. congregants stood up and started applauding him. has that been the reaction? >> reporter: we have been here all morning. the congregation came up before the sun came up. the reaction again, we did speak to some who are passionately standing behind and showing support and saying they love him and will continue to support him. with people saying they are on the fence and they will need time to think about it.
11:12 am
we spoke to people who said they leave this morning feeling unconvinced that they didn't belief what he had to say and they don't believe him. this is all new. the allegations started coming out on tuesday. we another suit on wednesday and another on friday. today is the first day we heard from him. and the pastor didn't name any of the four accusers, nor did he specifically deny any allegations in the four civil suits. eric? >> eric: all right, elizabeth. thank you so much. elizabeth prann live in georgia. jamie? >> jamie: a bomb blast in southern afghanistan today. killing two nato soldiers, adding to what has already become the deadliest year in the war. still the pentagon said it doesn't anticipate many big changes to the nation's war strategy when president obama review what is we're doing in december. so what if anything should change? joining me now, retired marine lieutenant colonel, fox news analyst. good morning.
11:13 am
>> nice to be with you, as always. >> jamie: thank you. so i always learn a lot. the viewers do, too. defense secretary robert gates and the joint chief admiral mullen both basically say the same thing. let me just put up a full screen of one of the quotes. this is from secretary gates. he basically says he suspects we will find some areas where we can make some adjustments and speaks, which i want to ask about using that word to enhance what is going on. i have not gotten a sense that any basic changes are likely to occur. tweaks. that sounds like small changes in a time and a war where it's been the deadliest ever. what are your thoughts? >> the strategy was to get out of there as soon as possible. it's laid out in bob woodward's book. they're working with limited resources and limited time to accomplishment objectives. the most compelling objective we have over there right now
11:14 am
is to make sure that there is an afghan army and afghan police that can provide security that the people in the towns and the cities and the villages and the huts need in order for the afghan government in kabul to be able to exercise control and help rebuild the country as a whole. i think what we will see is shifting of combat forces to more training and advising roles as we did in iraq. it worked out successfully there. hopefully in the time frame general petraeus has, it might work successfully in afghanistan. >> jamie: you beat me to the punch. i did want to ask you a quick question. i don't want to put you in a position of being a political analyst, but looking at strategy and looking at woodward's book and what we know about it so far, "obama's wars." secretary gates says he acknowledges that it's a vigorous and instructive debate that goes on. much of that has gone away once the strategy was decided
11:15 am
on by president obama. would you say that everybody that needs to be was on the same page where afghanistan was concerned? >> from a military perspective, general petraeus and all of him around him come up with a system appropriately so when the commander makes his decision, whether you like it or not, you follow that decision. if you don't like it, you're opposed to it and you quit. petraeus hasn't quit. he may not totally like what he's gotten from president obama and even mullen doesn't totally like it, as we no from woodward's book. but them and all other military people down the change will stand there, click their heels, give a hearty salute and say aye, aye, sir. that's where we are. >> jamie: lieutenant control loll, thank you so much. please join us again. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: the tea party, you know, it seem rolled the establishment from alaska to delaware.
11:16 am
but tea partiers face defining moment in a few weeks. general election. up next, the political panel weighs in on the tea party's true strength.
11:17 am
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>> eric: you know celebrities like pat boone have been joining the tea party rally and movement. later today, he will be at a rally in beverly hills. with the november elections around the corner, the tea party will have a big test to prove if it's got staying power. in other words, is the tea party a movement? or a moment? for a fair and balanced debate, let's turn to david mercer, a democratic strategist. and tony stayag, republican consultant. david and tony, welcome. let me start with you. do you think the tea party winning streak will continue? >> that is a flip of the coin, eric. in that we have to acknowledge the success we've had in the primaries of the republican party. at least ten candidates now on the republican ticket derive from the movement of the tea party. it's a matter of whether they'll pull less forces or
11:21 am
help the grand of the g.o.p., which has been in the dumps relative to congress, or the party party's, the democratic parties numbers polling wise. still a question mark. i hope it's a wake-up call for democrats that we need to be out there come november for sure. >> eric: tony, that is interesting. david, your democratic colleague over there says it's a wake-up call to democrats. how about republicans? >> the tea party is not a conventional party. we can't measure success from conventional standards. as pundits we say what will they do after november? it's difficult to translate electoral success with an organizational strength beyond that., organizing for america, acorn, major groups whose candidates won in 2006 and 2008. right now are either defunked or disorganized.
11:22 am
it doesn't always generate so easily. what the tea party has done is enthuse republican and conservative oriented voters in the election? >> eric: what does that mean? let me interrupt. enthusing. 17 million republicans voted just before the primary versus 13 million democrats. republican voters are way up. in delaware alone, they tripled, tripled the number of g.o.p. primary voters from 2006. that has to have democrats worried. >> i don't know about worried. we have a record to run on. the obama administration and democratic leadership sent down the record in setting the course in determining, you know, the strong foundation we have to build to make sure challenges we face now never come back to haunt us, or the american working family. on that record and getting our vote out, as well as reaching out to independents
11:23 am
and the youth vote, hispanic vote, black vote and others. coming to the center. that is the crux of this. the question if the republicans or tea party republicans, however you brand it, will go beyond the ranks and appeal to the american public and convince them that according to the pledge to america, which is based on the bush policies that got us in the mess in the first place is still good for america. >> eric: that raised a good point, going to the center. the argument that the tea party candidates are too extreme and can never survive a general election. >> if the tea party adheres to the original goal, focus the debate on fiscal issue, government is too big, taxing too much, spending too much, they're appealing to independents. the polls show independents are favoring republican conservative candidates by 70%.
11:24 am
the fact that there is an obama record to run against, galvanizing americans. even some who are not republicans toward tea party and conservative candidates. i tell you, i think tea party gets the last laugh on the day of election. >> eric: we'll see who is laughing and crying in november. thank you so much. >> jamie: a big day. deadline hours away. threatening to collapse from mideast peace effort. what could happen and why the next guest says the obama administration has had the wrong approach. more of the hard-hitting interview with mahmoud ahmadinejad. his view on terrorism and response when asked would he meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu? you can't miss this. it's next. >> translator: you're speaking on behalf of the u.s. government. >> no, i'm not. i'm a journalist. independent object i
11:25 am
journalist. >> translator: right now you said the u.s. government condemned iran and the u.s. security council has -- >> yes, that's fact. >> translator: do you represent them? >> no, i do not. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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>> jamie: welcome back. mideast peace talk face a crucial moment. settlement deadline right now less than seven hours away. the clock is winding down on moratorium to build new homes in the west bank. palestinians threatening to pull out of any peace talk if construction resumes. what will happen if israel does not extend the freeze on new construction? joining me now the former senior director of middle east affairs at the national security council, michael singh. thank you for joining us. >> hi, jamie. >> jamie: we're watching what is going on right now. what will happen in the next couple of hours we don't know.
11:30 am
president obama did speak at the u.n. and suggest that the freeze should be extended. where does that leave prime minister netanyahu? >> i understand that prime minister netanyahu issued a statement and urged settlers to exercise restraint with expiration of the moratorium in a few hours. that suggests strongly he is not going to extend the moratorium. at the same time, president abbas has said that he will not necessarily walk away from the talks. so it looks like what is going to happen at 6:00 p.m. when this expires is nothing, that there will be no compromise on the table and efforts to get the parties back to talks will have to just continue. >> jamie: when you say "nothing" we don't know what will happen actually in the region. so much is at stake. show us both sides if you in your analysis. if it were extended, what would it look like. if it's partially extended or not extented at all.
11:31 am
>> the issue, the fact we have a moratorium is a legacy of early diplomatic errors by the united states. the obama administration you'll recall focussed almost singularry on the settlement issue early in treatment of the palestinian issue. that resulted in recondition to the talks of the settlement freeze. now we have the legacy of that. it seems as if they both want to see a compromise but haven't gotten there yet. the public statement by president obama which you refer to make it difficult for both men in the sense that president obama insisting on a freeze makes it possible for netanyahu to come to a compromise. it looks in his situation as if he's being browbeaten. for abbas on the other hand, it's harder for him to accept
11:32 am
a compromise when the international community is insisting on extension of the freeze because he can't look like he's less committed to the issue than say president obama is. >> jamie: we are looking at live pictures right now. as the deadline looms. please, finish your thought. i have another question i do want to ask. >> sure, so it really increases the tension between both sides when we are so public like this. there has been violence in jerusalem recently. there has been violence in gaza. with the tensions high and no compromise on the table i think we can expect until a compromise is reached that the tensions and the violence will probably increase. >> jamie: difficult for the compromise to come. no doubt about it. great perspective. when we look at the region and the palestinian point of view, we have to engage all palestinians to have true peace. the question i have for you
11:33 am
is the influence of hamas, the funding by iran, that can't be discounted, can it? >> no, it can't. no doubt that abbas, obama and netanyahu staked a lot on the talks a few weeks ago. if the talks were to peter out and violence to resume, that plays in the hands of hamas which would say look, peace talks don't lead anywhere. and try to urge palestinians back to violence. which is what happened at the end of camp david in 2000. when they sent them back in the street. they would like to see the region in this instability and disavay because it plays in their hands and it takes attention off the nuclear issue.
11:34 am
puts attention back on the complex. >> what a day it is and will be. >> jamie: glad to meet you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: jamie, now more of our feisty interview with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. he insisted the nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but i also asked can about terrorism and the controversial comments about israel. >> you said you want to wipe israel off the map. would you feel safer if israel did not exist? >> translator: it cannot harm our safety and security. it has nothing to do with our security. it's human aid discussion
11:35 am
here. we are saying that occupation must cease. that siege of people of gaza must stop. murder and killing must stop. that terror must stop. that lies must end. >> eric: will iran stop supporting terrorist groups? >> translator: could you repeat that, please? >> eric: will iran stop supporting terrorist groups? >> translator: is iran supporting them? do you think that $400 billion spent on war in the middle east is going where? from the american troops and allied troops entered iraq and afghanistan, terrorism increased 100 fold. >> eric: would you meet with benjamin netanyahu? >> translator: why should i meet with him? are you ordering you to? >> eric: no, i'm asking.
11:36 am
>> translator: seems like you're ordering me. >> eric: what would you say to him? >> translator: why should i meet with him? no, i will not meet with him. >> eric: the president said the door is open for negotiation. can you reach out to the administration and are you willing to fully, freely, fairly come clean about your nuclear program? >> we don't see a problem with our nuclear program. we are not trying to come clear so everybody can rest assure of anything. ever since we forced dictatorship out of the country which was dependent on the united states, they have not had a rest. so it's not our job to make others rest. if the u.s. government accepts international law, justice and fairness with regard to us and respect to us, then the opportunities will be for it.
11:37 am
>> eric: the u.s. government says -- >> translator: but if it is going to continue the same way it has so far, the conditions will remain the same. >> eric: at you saw, at times it was provocative exchange. at one point he accused me of representing the government and united nations security council. i told him i'm an objective reporter. he clearly wanted to get his message across to the american people. as you heard, says he is leaving the possibility of negotiations on the nation nuclear program open. the full interview can be seen on all you have to do is check the banner. it says one-on-one with iran's president and runs about 14 minutes. >> jamie: some navy seals swapping scuba fin for bicycles. they're riding thousands of miles honoring their own. boss: and now i'll turn it over to the gecko.
11:38 am
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>> eric: you know, if you run for president, you got to do it and it all started 50 years ago today. this is the 50th anniversary of the kennedy-nixon debate. 70 million americans watched john f. kennedy and richard nixon spar for the first time in a live televised presidential debate. there are for debates that year but it's the first one that history remembers. those who watched on television thought kennedy won. those listening on radio gave the victory to mr. nixon. the difference could have been make-up. sun-tanned kennedy declined it and nixon refused to wear it and he had been sick, causing him to look pale. a new book that examines the race and debate legacy and the author says the debates can turn on the unexpected. >> it's always those moments, the gotcha moments.
11:43 am
you're no jack kennedy or this is my microphone, mr. bush, o i'm not going to hold your age against you, mr. mondale. >> eric: years ago he was asked for his advice to presidential candidates and said how you look on television can be more important than what you say. >> delegation from imam trying to release those held in iran. josh fattal and shane bauer in prison for more than a year. and on the release of the third american shower shower shower earlier in month on half a million dollars bail. she and two men accused of hiking in iran. mortgage relief program. remember how many families they were supposed to help? we will tell you how many families are denied, what to do about it. brenda buttner breaks do it and what it means for home
11:44 am
values. where do we go from here?
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
>> jamie: stamlies trying to save -- families trying to save their home from foreclosure finding limited help from the government, not
11:48 am
what they expected. according to the treasury department, more than half of homeowners who applied for administration mortgage relief program have been disqualified. joining me now, anchor of "bulls and bears" brenda buttner live in the new york city newsroom. the program sounded promising and some people benefitted. is it true many are not now? >> absolutely. especially when you consider what the goals of the program were. the $50 billion effort. the administration said initially it would help 4 million homeowners. refinance their home and escape foreclosure but instead, only short of 500,000 have been helped. 51% disqualified. it has been a disappointment. the administration says it continues to want to find
11:49 am
ways to help homeowners but this hasn't been the answer. >> jamie: how difficult was it to qualify initially, and why are so many being disqualified? >> interesting, because initially there was no bureaucratic kind of problem. but later the government basically consumed the banks in terms of throwing out qualifications and what they needed to do. so first they didn't have to get information. then there was so much information that banks didn't want to participate. along the rung, there are problems. homeowners found it very, very confusing, because they were told one thing at first and then another thing the second time. >> jamie: breane da, it's interesting that you bring something up. we don't know yet how it will play out.
11:50 am
but a program sounds good. the funding is there. the banks were inundated with applications from people because of the economy. they needed some relief. they couldn't get a lot of paperwork done when you look at a lot of other policy that is coming forth. you have to wonder whether or not we have tools to pull it off. can they get back on track? >> a lot of people wonder if government should be involved. this was such a debacle basically. even the administration might agree it came nowhere near its goal numbers. >> jamie: what do you do, brenda? i hear from people applying for loans, harder than ever to get it. if you don't go through government program, banks don't have the money to lend. more banks closed last week. or they can't get qualified. are banks really hesitant at this point? >> they are. mortgage rates are at an all-time low. this is not an issue.
11:51 am
but at this point the banks are waiting for what is the next issue that is going to come up? what is the next regulation? the pendulum has swung so far to take on safer assets. and having more on your balance sheet. banks say i don't know if the profit is there. >> jamie: interesting. especially after the ballot and everything, the american people were hoping to get relief. hart goes out to the folks and hope it will be resolved. thank you, brenda. >> eric: bob woodward has a new book, explosive book exposing friction between the military and white house over the afghan war strategy. how has the media received it? liz trotta on the media next. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check.
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>> eric: bob woodward has another book, called "obama's wars." what is the media reaction? liz trotta joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. >> good morning. congratulations on your great interview with ahmadinejad. >> eric: well, thank you so very much. how about the book, what has been the resnaks and by the media, and how thatry receiving it? >> i have to make a disclaimer i have not read the book or held it in my hand. a few privilege people have,
11:56 am
but i'm not one of them. what i'm going to comment on is the excerpts that have been in the media, left and right wing and down the middle. the few that are down the middle. what it shows the is national security team and obama at odds over the great question of the war. it raises the question of what you say to men fighting there now, many of whom will not come home. why the squabbling is going on. you have three generals home side on the national security team and the generals in afghanistan and what is widely judged as a military bureaucratic set-up that even beats vietnam and all of them are surging obama, one side urging them to get out.
11:57 am
all saying that it's done wrong. still led by general petraeus to i need more men. let's give me 4,500 more. obama saying i can't lose all the democratic party, thinking of political reasons. let me give you a comment that is an excerpt from the book as quoted in the "washington post" by leave luxembourg -- steve luxembourg. woodward quotes et pet you have to recognize i don't think you win this war. you keep fighting. it's like iraq, actually. there has been progress in iraq, but you have to stay vigilant, you have to stay after it. this is a kind of fight we're in for the rest of our lives and probably our kids' lives. well, that is anything but comfortable to people who thought this could be settled a long time ago. it's the picture of a
11:58 am
president that has been described by the white house as positive. with a we have seen so far is anything but positive that shows the president as a reluctant warrior, wandering around looking for answers. then you have the hard-cold characters like rahm emanuel not wanting, according to wood warth, not wanting any troop increases when the administration, the new administration took over. because he worried about domestic politics. a sad scene. >> eric: is it your sense that the media accurately reflected that? >> i think so. not 100% sure. woodward has a track record of making presidents look good, until they're near the end of their term. he was kind to george bush in a couple of books and then he went after him. hard to say if it's too harsh
11:59 am
a picture so far, but one can say that there is a division that was and is a division about this war. tragic. >> eric: 30 seconds left. how does he do it? how does he get the highest officials in the country to spill it out while they're still working in an administration and publish it in a book? >> good point. i've not seen the book but told as in the other books he uses unnamed sources. there are some in other books, unnamed sources and the quotes that captured them, i have not believed. i can't make judgment but there is a possibility the unnamed sources got it wrong. >> eric: thank you so much. we'll wait for the book to come out and get our hands on it. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us today. the news continues now. send you to washington with shannon bream. have a great day, everybody. >> eric: take care.

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